Communities That Care is an ongoing process, not a program, that helps establish goals to build a healthier community... learn more

Communities That Care (CTC) is a model for community development. CTC guides communities through a proven five-phase change process. Using prevention science as its base, CTC promotes healthy youth development, improves youth outcomes, and reduces problem behaviors. The 5-phase CTC process uses an early intervention and prevention framework to guide communities towards identifying and understanding their local needs, setting priorities, and implementing tested effective strategies to address those needs.

Prevention Framework: CTC helps communities prevent problems before they develop.
The CTC process begins with a youth survey to identify a community’s risk and protective factors. Risk factors are those elements in a young person’s environment that increase the likelihood of them engaging in health compromising behaviors. They exist in all domains of social development – community, family, school and peer/individual. Protective factors buffer against risk in otherwise adverse circumstances by either reducing the impact of risk, or changing the way a child or young person responds to it.

Based on youth survey data, CTC helps communities select and implement tested and effective prevention programs and policies. CTC also helps strengthen programs already working. The CTC prevention plan focuses on the mobilization of community partnerships and collaborations to increase prevention efforts and decrease duplication of service.

West Chester Area Communities that Care (WCCTC)
The WCCTC initiative was developed in 1998. Through community partnerships, West Chester Area Communities that Care supports and sustains effective programs for promoting positive youth development and strong families, and facilitates the use of evidence-based prevention programs to address challenges and strengths of community. Through monthly meetings, WCCTC empowers local citizens and community leaders (Prevention Partners) to work together to reduce youth health and behavior problems and create a safe, supportive environment for all members of the West Chester community. The mission of WCCTC is to prevent substance abuse among youth through the collaborative efforts of our community partnerships.